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The American melting pot consists of many ingredients. It’s what gives our nation depth, character and diversity. With so many different kinds of people how do you reach them all with your marketing plan? That is what makes targeted ethnic marketing a wise business decision. One important reason for targeted ethnic marketing is the revelation in the 2000 U.S. census that one of four Americans identifies with an ethnic group.

While ethnic marketing is proven to be effective, it is fraught with potential hazard. For example, your marketing efforts can be counter-productive if you inadvertently advertise with media outlets that are affiliated with a political or religious group. This reason highlights that importance of finding an independent media outlet free of outside influences. This principle was the key enable for bringing the Arab American and Chaldean Yellow Pages (AACYP) to the market.


As the name implies, the AACYP targets the Arab American and Chaldean community in the State of Michigan. The publication is solely financed by the contribution of its advertisers. It is not affiliated with any religious or political organizations. It was born for the sole purpose of helping businesses reach the Arab American and Chaldean community.

The benefits for advertising in the bilingual (Arabic/English) AACYP are many. The publication reaches a rich well-educated community. More than 33,000 free copies are printed and distributed to community business and organization. In addition, the AACYP founders are active in community events such as festivals and celebrations. Another benefit is evident in the rate of the repeat advertisers in the AACYP publication. More than 90% of the advertisers are satisfied happy clients.

The AAYCP is well structured and organized. Businesses are listed by category. The content is designed by some of the most talented bilingual graphic designers. Layouts are available in color or black and white.

We take every client request very seriously. Our success depends on your success. We invite you to be a member of our family of advertisers in the AACYP. It is our goal to be part of your success.

You can reach us by mail, phone, fax, email or via the online form.

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